Research from Eller Finance Professor Cited in The New York Times


Research on investor trends by Thomas C. Moses Professor of Finance Kathleen Kahle, was recently cited in an April 28 article by The New York Times, discussing the effects of the current COVID-19 crisis on company stocks and investments.

The column predicts that large companies will be responsible for dominating the investment market after the current pandemic dies down. The author made reference to Kahle’s 2016 paper, “Is the US Public Corporation in Trouble?", co-authored by René M Stulz of Ohio State University and published in the Social Science Research Network.

“And as bigger companies have steadily grown, they’ve also snagged a larger share of profits. In 1975, the biggest 100 public companies in the country took in about 49 percent of the earnings of all public companies,” the article reads, citing Kahle’s research. “Their piece of the pie grew to 84 percent by 2015.”

Kathleen Kahle joined the Eller College of Management as associate professor in 2003 and was appointed the Thomas C. Moses Professor in Finance in 2014. Her research interests are around corporate finance, capital structure, securities issues, repurchases and insider trading. She earned her PhD in Finance from The Ohio State University in 1996.