Eller Thomas R. Brown Professor of Economics Featured in CEPR Publication

May 29, 2020


Eller College of Management Thomas R. Brown Professor of Economics Price Fishback was featured in a recent publication Economics of the Second World War: Seventy-Five Years and On. The eBook, published on May 4 and authored by Stephen Broadberry and Mark Harrison, discusses how the economic structure and happenings of World War II impacted not only the four-year time frame of the war, but also the world's current economy.

In collaboration with the authors, Fishback wrote a chapter titled, "World War II in America: Spending, Deficits, Multipliers and Sacrifice." Fishback provides insight into the varying aspects of the United States' economics during World War II and how it shaped the outcomes of the war. 

Price Fishback was appointed the Thomas R. Brown Professor of Economics in 2010. His research areas of interest are the political economy of Roosevelt’s New Deal during the 1930s, examining both the determinants of New Deal spending and loans and their impact on local economies throughout the U.S. He also works on state labor legislation during the Progressive Era, the American Economy during World War II and changes in agriculture in response to climate, government policy and technology.