10 Information Systems Jobs Held By University of Arizona Graduates

Oct. 29, 2020


Technology-driven jobs are in high demand due to our increasingly tech-relient society. Based on data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), the information systems field is booming with no signs of slowing down! For example, job opportunities for computer and information systems managers are expected to grow by 10 percent  in the next 10 years. Per the OOH, this position carries with it a median salary of $146,360. 

University of Arizona graduates are flocking to these jobs upon graduating in information systems or an equivalent major. We sat down with 10 alumni to find out what information systems related job they currently hold, what the job entails and any insight as to how their education prepared them for this role. 

Product Insights Analyst

I work on the central strategy and operations for the Google Ads sales team. This means working closely with product leads and regional teams to improve the efficiency of sellers across the globe. A typical day varies depending on the time of quarter as the first half is more around building strategies for the next quarter, so sellers can stay on top of their game, whereas the second half of the quarter is around execution and implementation of the technical infrastructure for the same.

Education from Eller has played a significant role not only in my current role but throughout my career so far. The Management Information Systems (MIS) program is designed in such a way that it leads to overall development on technical skills as well as the business side of things. Knowing that the space of information systems evolves rapidly, the instructors design the coursework keeping in mind the latest trends in the industry. All the case studies, assignments and presentations prepared me to thrive in the corporate world.

Nishant Dialani ’13 MS MIS, Google

Product Analyst, Categories

As a product analyst, I strategically analyze data and provide recommendations to drive the merchandising strategy across more than 2,200 Albertsons stores. Currently, a typical day involves shaping data to convey the right information to the right people; in essence, storytelling.

My education from Eller has tremendously influenced my current role and responsibilities. Courses like Advanced Business Consulting, Business Intelligence, Web Computing and Mining, Statistics for Managers, etc. have given me extensive domain knowledge and hands-on experience. Moreover, the guidance I have received from my mentors and alumni has played a pivotal role in my success.

Deep Jethmalani ’19 MS MIS, Albertsons

IT Business Analyst

I am part of the early career rotational program called Launch IT Honeywell. I just moved into my second rotation as an IT specialist for the digital marketing and sales team. My first rotation was under the order fulfillment team working on IT projects to streamline our ordering processes for PCs and accessories globally. These days consisted of meetings with different groups for projects I was involved in. Honeywell is a very collaborative company and more often often than not, I was working with other people to solve IT issues. 

Eller taught me how to navigate the complexities of working in a team and managing multiple things at a time. Eller is very similar to my work life—minus the exams! The courses really force you to get comfortable working with a team you don't really know.

Khenda McIntee ’19 BSBA (MIS, Marketing), Honeywell

Operations Analyst

I work as an operations analyst for Cruise America. A key aspect of my position is making decisions on one-way reservation requests based on historical data trends, future projections and business needs. The rest of my time is spent working on a variety of projects, process improvements and task automation within the reservations and operations teams. This involves aggregating, cleaning and analyzing data from various sources using tools like SQL and Python. These projects include analyzing trends in fleet utilization and maintenance, tracking trends in one-way requests and adjusting our pricing based on projected utilization and overall market outlook.

Ryan Bandrwoski ’17 BSBA (Finance), Cruise America

Senior Product Manager

As a product manager, I get to wear a lot of hats and experience various facets of a business, so there's rarely a typical day. I get to write product briefs, perform data analysis, talk to customers and users, work with marketing to create product go-live stories and work with engineering to develop the product. 

Eller's MIS program provided a great balance of technical and business education which is actually a great fit for anyone looking to go into product management as you need to be able to work with cross functional teams across the spectrum of an organization.

Anshul Mashruwala ’17 MS MIS, Amazon

Technical Product Manager

I'm a technical product manager at Amadeus, and I am responsible for the growth of our product in terms of the global footprint. Our aim is to provide customer solutions by proactively enhancing the features of our application. A typical day at work involves separate meetings with customers, our engineers, quality analysts and account managers to understand the underlying business requirements and then analyzing the metrics to validate the results of our work.

Eller has been pivotal in helping me make a leap to a managerial role while refining my time and people management skills.

Saayan Ghosh ’19 MS MIS, MBA, Amadeus

Data Engineer 

I am a data engineer and I develop data driven solutions for business needs. My typical day involves solving data problems, advising business stakeholders and building solutions. This primarily involves transforming and developing data pipelines or creating an analytics platform to provide business insights. My experience at Eller has been instrumental in preparing me for the business world, while harnessing the power of data and analytics.

Graham Curry, ’13 MS MIS, Insight Global

Logistics Systems Specialist

I am on a government contract working with the Division of the Strategic National Stockpile for the CDC, which supports state and local governments in emergency situations by providing them with medical devices, vaccines, personal protective equipment and other resources. In my role, I work with the IT and logistics systems team at a consulting organization to ensure that all inventory transactions throughout the nationwide stockpile warehouse system are processed correctly and efficiently. My teammates and I work around the clock to help the stockpile be prepared to fight any type of national threat, including current threats such as the COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing hurricane season. 

My time as an Eller student has heavily influenced my role through its exposure to professional business communications, information systems and logistics management. Eller provided me the foundation to hit the ground running with my job and build upon the skills I have learned instead of having to learn on the job.

Evan Montes ’18 BSBA (MIS), Leidos

Product Management Intern

I am currently working as a product management intern for Markitors, a digital marketing company. This involves working on all the aspects of creating a new digital product from inception to the final phases of the product. Understanding the business purpose of the product, meeting with management and users, scoping and sketching the roadmap for the product, 

choosing the best possible technology solution and stack, developing the user interface are the main activities I perform on a day to day basis. It is very interesting to see the product move through various phases and to perform the task related to each phase.

Deepak Udupa, ’20 MBA, Markitors

Data Engineer and Analytics Team Member

At American Airlines, I work on the data engineering and analytics team on the employee squad. We handle all employee data at the company and prepare it to become usable by our product owners (PO’s) to create informative dashboards for upper management. Currently, we are migrating all of our on-prem sources to the cloud, so my daily responsibilities include using Azure Data Factory for extract, transform, load (ETL) pipelines, Azure Devops for deployments, creating PowerBI dashboards for data compare and using Azure Databricks to code and make changes to any tables required by the PO's. 

I studied MIS at Eller where I first learned coding languages like SQL and Python and they introduced me to the cloud. I also learned about Agile methodology at school and continuous development and integration. These are all things that surround my day to day in my current role, and I credit Eller for helping me prepare to succeed in what I do now.

Anthony Rosetta, ’18 BSBA (MIS), American Airlines

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