Finance Professor Shares Insights On Credit Cards On


Michael Bond, adjunct professor of finance in the Eller College of Management, was referenced in a December 17 WalletHub article on using credit cards and finding the right credit card offer and in a July 16, 2021 article on best credit cards with no annual fees.

The articles offer readers advice about building credit and how to use it properly and compare credit cards with no annual fees. Bond, featured as an expert, answered questions about the safety of credit cards now versus during the Great Recession, tips for picking credit cards, the potential difficulty of building credit, the importance of possessing a credit card, whether or not consumers put too much emphasis on a credit card's annual fee and more.

“The cheapest way to buy anything is to pay cash so a good rule is if you have to put it on your credit card you cannot afford it. But some of us do it anyway,” says Bond, giving advice about applying for credit. “If you pay the balance off every month then you need to focus on low annual fees and points. If you carry balances you need to find the lowest interest rate.”

Bond joined the Eller College of Management in 2008. Prior to joining Eller, he taught at Cleveland State University. He earned his PhD in financial economics from Case Western Reserve University in 1985. His research interests include corporate finance, investments, international finance, real estate finance, health care finance and insurance and venture capital.