Bloomberg Cites Eller Finance Professor on Stock Buybacks

June 1, 2021

Research conducted by Kathleen Kahle, Thomas C. Moses Professor of Finance in the Eller College of Management, was referenced in a May 26 Bloomberg opinion piece about why stock buybacks are not holding back work wages.

The article claims that stock buybacks are rising and may lead to a ban or limit from legislation because they benefit shareholders and constrain wages and economic growth.

Kahle’s research explains that companies that have made payouts to their own investors since 2000 have decreased their capital spending at the same rate as companies that didn’t make payouts.

Kahle joined the Eller College of Management as associate professor in 2003 and was appointed the Thomas C. Moses Professor in Finance in 2014. Her research interests are around corporate finance, capital structure, securities issues, repurchases and insider trading. Her previous teaching experience includes the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her PhD in Finance from The Ohio State University in 1996.