The Price of Taking a Stance | Nooshin Warren

Nooshin Warren

Over the last 10 years, purpose-driven corporate actions have evolved from companies contributing to widely supported causes, such as cancer research, to companies taking stances on more divisive issues, such as gun control and LGBTQ rights. And as the political climate in the United States becomes increasingly charged, some businesses—often at the behest of internal stakeholders—are increasingly looking to have their voices heard on controversial issues.

This webinar will focus on what companies should know when they engage in corporate activism in order to alleviate any negative ramifications, including:

  • Who should deliver the message?
  • Is the stance a statement or an action?
  • Is the stance aligned with the company’s industry?
  • Are there external benefits to the stance?

Participants will leave this webinar better equipped to lead and advise their firms through corporate activism.