A New Form of Philanthropy: Tyler Kalinske '21 BA (Economics) and Austin Roy '21 BA (Law/Political Science)

Tyler Kalinske '21 BA (Economics) and Austin Roy '21 BA (Law and Political Science)


 Based on press release by Selena Kuikahi '21 BA (Film and Television Production), Creative Strategist, Soulective

Tyler Kalinske '21 BA (Economics) and Austin Roy '21 BA (Law and Political Science), are serving as examples of how asking simple questions can lead to revolutionary solutions.

With the rising popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and crypto-art, the lines between real-life and online are becoming further indistinguishable. Although this cultural globalization comes with its inherent anxieties, Kalinske and Roy, in partnership with the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI), have developed a startup plan to utilize cyberspace for positive change.

Their company, Soulective, is quickly developing into what will prove to be the next innovation in online activism and accessibility in philanthropy.

With a background in humanitarian values and cultural exchanges, Kalinske always knew that his future career would center on service. Roy holds similar values. Throughout Roy's childhood, moving from city to city and constantly having to acclimate to new environments, connectivity between communities quickly became a key facet of his life. With Roy's interest in international business, and Kalinske's education in economics from the Eller College of Management, the duo’s relationship quickly developed from friendship to business partners.

Humanitarianism has played an integral role in social media over the past few years. From infographics to digital petitions, the rise of online activism has become one of the newest and most dynamic ways to participate in social change. Kalinske and Roy recognized the call for action that echoed from the digital world and were inspired to make online media both more accessible and more effective. Through researching trends in digital giving and the recent popularization of NFTs, the plan for Soulective was born.

“What we’re trying to solve in the realm of philanthropic giving is the gap between calls to action and the ability to meet that call,” says Kalinske. “Soulective is a culture-driven platform that ultimately invites a new generation of philanthropists to participate in charitable giving.”

Younger generations have been fulfilling their charitable involvement through cycles of posting and reposting social issues. Soulective aims to give these same young people more options for raising awareness and to re-excite individuals by offering a mutually beneficial means of giving.

The architecture of smart contracts that involve blockchain technology allow for residual incomes from the reselling of NFT’s. For example, when an artist sells an NFT, there is a constant stream of revenue coded into each reselling. Soulective’s goal is to guide charitable organizations through this crypto landscape to create a perpetual cycle of revenue for their cause. This system offers multiple chances to participate in trading, thus making giving more accessible for people in any tax bracket. Users of the Soulective platform are afforded the autonomy to buy and resell their digital moment. This mutually beneficial interaction between charity and consumer allows for a constant flow of cultural and monetary value exchange.

Soulective is, above all else, a community driven platform.

“As much as we believe in the power of philanthropy, our values emphasize the power of the individual as well,” explains Roy. “Every user on our site can use their voice and their actions to make a change. By listening to our users and staying well-versed in the way culture is constantly shifting, we can integrate younger generations into philanthropy by offering them a way to give that speaks to them.”

“Transparency is extremely important to us,” says Kalinske. “Soulective isn’t the traditional blockchain-backed platform. Really, this technology is just a tool to streamline fundraising campaigns while engaging a new generation of donors.”

Co-founders Kalinske and Roy plan for Soulective to reinvent the way the individual is associated with wide-scale change. Rather than participating through a one-time donation, the platform allows for an authentic sense of community among users: “Ultimately, we want to emphasize the individual’s perception as a changemaker beyond solely a dollar amount,” states Roy. “When you purchase a digital moment and support something truly beneficial, you not only receive a timeless piece of digital media but also join a community of like-minded individuals. It’s that sense of community that’s missing, especially online, and we want Soulective to reinvigorate that.”  

Soulective is currently working with UACI to strengthen and further develop their platform and premiere in late 2021. For more information on the burgeoning company, visit their Instagram page and the UACI’s homepage.