Internship Spotlight: Luke Handley, EY

Oct. 24, 2021

Eller PDC Blog

Luke Handley is a Business Management major graduating in the spring of 2022.  This summer her interned with EY as a Cybersecurity Consulting Intern in Dallas, Texas.


What was the process for getting this internship, job, or summer experience?

I applied via Handshake after hearing about it through an Eller weekly job blast. After applying, I was notified I made it through to the interview stage. Following a rigorous day of interviewing that included back-to-back separate hour-long behavioral interviews and an hour-long case study interview, I was informed that I was selected for the internship!


What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the experience was learning more about the cybersecurity industry and getting to network with EY professionals. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Dallas, TX to see my office and meet some of the leaders in the firm that I was working with.


What did you find most challenging?

Consulting can be challenging at times due to the freedom the job entails. Solutions are often created as you go, meaning that while experience is helpful, not every project has the same standard operating procedure. Thus, there are days where the workload is unpredictable. One day you can spend researching solutions for a proposal and thinking that you have the problem solved. The next day, feedback from your leaders will lead you down an entirely different rabbit hole. Being proactive, adjusting on the fly, and taking feedback are a few different factors that led to my success during this internship.


How did Eller prepare you for this experience?

Eller prepared me in many different ways for this experience. For one, thanks to years of attendance at the Eller Expo and various other Eller networking opportunities, I felt more than comfortable networking with EY leaders during my internship. I attribute the welcoming environment in the Eller family to my comfort in that aspect. Furthermore, the "first semester Eller experience" was able to heighten my teamwork and presentation skills while ensuring I could handle a rigorous workload. All of these skills were applied and utilized throughout the duration of my internship.