Research by Finance Professor Referenced by Tucson NPR Affiliate

Oct. 1, 2021

In the Headlines

Professor of Finance and Tyler Family Endowed Chair in Finance, Richard Sias, was featured in a recent Arizona Public Media article on how writing style may make a difference between the success and failure of applying for a loan. 

Sias mentions that writing style has a drastic impact on loan approval. “How can somebody who is a good credit risk signal to potential investors that they are a good credit risk, and writing style, we find, is one of those ways," he says. In his study he found that borrowers that used more personal pronouns in their responses were charged high rates from lenders. 

Sias has been with the Eller College of Management since 2011. Before joining Eller, he was a professor at Washington State University. His areas of expertise include investments, asset pricing, investor behavior and valuation.