Recent AZSecure / AI Lab Student Successes

Dec. 20, 2021
front of McClelland hall

Recent AZSecure / AI Lab student successes:

  • Led by AZSecure SFS MS student Raul Reyes, our Arizona Pentesting Team (APT 100) was placed #4 in the National Cyber League Fall 2021 Season (out of 10,000 students from 550 schools), November 12, 2021.
  • AI Lab MS student YiZhi (Louis) Liu led a research project that won the Best Paper Award in IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference held in San Antonio, Texas, November 2-3, 2021. Liu joined University of Maryland IS department Ph.D. program in Fall 2021. Y. Liu, F.Y. Lin, M. Ebrahimi, W. Li, and H. Chen, ”Automated PII Extraction from Social Media for Raising Privacy Awareness: A Deep Transfer Learning Approach,” Proceedings of 2021 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (IEEE ISI 2021), San Antonio, Texas, November 2-3, 2021.
  • AI Lab alum Dr. Reza Ebrahimi won the 2021 ICIS SIGMIS ACM Dissertation Award, entitled “AI-ENABLED CYBERSECURITY ANALYTICS: DETECTING AND DEFENDING AGAINST CYBER THREATS,” in Austin, Texas, December 12-15, 2021. This is the third ICIS dissertation award won by the AI Lab alums (Dr. Zan Huang in 2005 and Dr. Sagar Samtani in 2019). Dr. Ebrahimi is current a faculty at the University of South Florida.