Internship Spotlight: Brandon Le, CliftonLarsenAllen

man with dark hair in white shirt looking at the camera while sitting at a desk

Brandon Le '22 (BSBA Accounting) is an Assurance Intern at CliftonLarsenAllen when he's not in class this semester. 

What was the process for getting this internship/job?

The process for me was first talking to an advisor/career coach. I was confused on when I should start applying for internships and didn't know where to begin. They really helped guide me through the process and developed a plan geared towards my situation. From there I researched a few companies I was interested in that were attending Meet The Firms and took notes on each company. After speaking to the recruiters at the event I started applying for summer and spring internships, did a few interviews, and eventually landed my first internship with CLA. 

What type of projects do you work on?
So far we've worked on a variety of clients from different industries, whether it be real estate, non-profit, or technology companies. 

What is your favorite part of the experience?
I think my favorite part is going out to client sites because you get to be closer with your team and it shows you how other companies conduct their business. 

What advice do you have for other students looking for similar experiences?
My advice to other students is to reach out to your career coach if you are confused on where or when to start. Usually companies want to recruit students at a certain point in their education level so make sure you don't miss your timeframe. Attend the events, Career Fair, MTFs, and any other events and get your name out there. Even if you are a younger student the recruiters will remember you if you keep going to the events. Also, just relax. Prepare for your interviews or conversations, but don't memorize too much because they want to see who you are outside of just your knowledge of accounting as well.