Internship Spotlight: Simon Jeon, HBL CPAs C.P.

Simon Jeon standing in front of HBL CPAs P.C. metal signage.

Simon Jeon '23 (BSBA Accounting) is an Accounting Administrative Support Intern at HBL CPAs C.P. Accounting Firm.

What was the process for getting this internship/job? 

Making an appointment with the Eller career coach, and was introduced to an internship opportunity at a local accounting firm to apply.

What type of projects do you work on?

Data entry for the preparation of Form 1040, 1099, 1096 and 990N. Prepare the basic documents from clients with proofing, e-filing, and document organization. Provide and assist in the audit process - Financial Math Checking, drafting Adjusted Journal Entries and Reclassifying Journal Entries.

What is your favorite part of the experience? 

Being able to sit down with professionals and experience the real part of business at an accounting firm, outside of the classroom.

What do you find most challenging? 

The firm expects everyone (including the interns) to act professionally and take responsibility in the work you do. Meaning that they will train you properly and answer almost any questions that you have related with the work, but once you are placed with the tasks, you are expected to complete it with a certain level of quality. Also, you are expected to take initiative in assisting the managers and partners to prove yourself at the workplace.

What are you learning? 

Basic tax filing and audit procedures. Client engagement.

What advice do you have for other students looking for similar experiences? 

Be prepared for the interview. Resume is important, and cover letter is also important, but it seems like the interview is something that really allows you to appeal as a potential employee at the firm.

How has Eller prepared you for this experience? 

The Eller experience definitely helped me to fit in the firm. The Eller accounting courses provided me with fundamental knowledge regarding the field of accountancy, which was obviously needed in order to understand what the partners and managers were saying during the training. The skills that I learned from the business communication class turned out to be extremely useful as I started writing a number of emails as well as engaging in a professional environment with colleagues. Overall, I feel that being Eller educated means that you have a head start in the world of business.

Anything else you would like to share? 

I love the firm's atmosphere and the experience that I'm having at the firm. While the firm certainly expects you to work with a robust level of responsibility, as well as independently when tasked with real work that is directly related with the clients, the challenges that I experience at the firm are definitely shaping me as a better individual with a level of professionalism that I had not previously acquired.