Career Showcase Success Guide

Feb. 1, 2023

Eller PDC Blog

We expect 90+ companies to fill the first and second floor with representatives at tables ready to talk to you – and maybe hand out some freebies. You can check in on the first or second floor and we will have a place to leave your backpacks on both floors.

Download the Handshake app for updated employer list and map, or download the map now:

Tips to plan your time at the fair:

  • Come dressed business professional with at least 8-10 resumes printed. Not all companies collect resumes, but it’s better to be prepared. Don’t wait for the last minute to print them – there may be a long line and there could be tech issues.
  • Research companies you wish to speak to before coming to the fair. Learn about their job availabilities, what they do as a business, and their company culture: See all employers on Handshake.

  • Make sure to sign in and receive your name tag and Major Badge(s), this will help recruiters not only hear your name but see it as well.
  • Avoid visiting employers with friends
  • Practice your Elevator Pitch! Don’t have one? Use your past, present, and future.
    • Who you are and where you’re from. (Name, hometown)
    • What you are doing now (Eller, Clubs, Work)
    • What you are looking for in the future (industry interests, possible jobs/location, etc..)
  • Don’t visit your top employer first. Practice! Try out your intro with employers that you might not be as interested in.
  • Be open minded. A less well known, smaller company might just be the best fit for you.
  • Ask for the interview! If you have genuine interest, have done your research, and maybe even applied online, they might be ready to schedule you for an interview.
  • Stop by the 3rd floor of the PDC (Underwood Conference) for a free headshot for your LinkedIn profile!
  • Meet as many people as possible. This is a great opportunity to practice your networking.

Career Fair Tips for every year:

First-years: Play the part! Make sure to dress business casual and bring resumes. You might not quite be ready for an internship, but you can make a good impression and learn about a company for future opportunities. This will give you the full experience and you can learn what a career fair looks like. The free LinkedIn headshots are a nice bonus!

Sophomores: This is your opportunity to really start building your network. If there is a company that you are interested in now is the time to build that connection and get your resume in. Once this first connection is made you can keep it strong by using LinkedIn and coming to every future career fair. You can also use filters on the Career Fair Plus app to see which employers are hiring Sophomores for the summer.

Juniors: The time for an internship is now! Make sure to come dressed business professional and have resumes ready to give out. Pro tip: Print your resume on resume paper (which is a little thicker) rather than normal printer paper to make your resume stand out from the rest. Make sure to research the different companies you want to speak to before coming to the career fair so you can be prepared with questions and answers for the recruiter.

Seniors: This could be your last chance to get to see this many companies at once. Come prepared with a list of companies you want to see, what their company is like, and what positions they have available. This can help you not only narrow your search, but also stand out in the crowd. If there is a company coming that you already know you are interested in, reach out to the recruiter before the fair and share your interest in available positions. Let them know you will be at the fair and look forward to seeing them!