Center for Leadership Ethics Hosts 2023 High School Ethics Forum

March 9, 2023


On Friday, March 3, 50 high school students from the Tucson community gathered at the Arizona Sands Club to participate in the 2023 High School Ethics Forum hosted by the Center for Leadership Ethics in the Eller College of Management .

This event, led by Paul Melendez, University Distinguished Professor and founder of the Center for Leadership Ethics, and Michael Fricke, senior lecturer in management and organizations and associate director of the Center for Leadership Ethics, is aimed at having high school students think critically to ethically resolve a real-life ethical dilemma.

Students were separated into teams and were given two ethical dilemmas around ChatGPT and cryptocurrency. They then had to think of stakeholder interests, economic outcomes, legal requirements and ethical duties when trying to solve the cases and present them.

Irene Coppola, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Southern Arizona also gave a guest talk at the High School Ethics Forum. She is the Better Business Bureau first Latina CEO and a 2020 Women of Influence Financial Champion recipient.