Meet Rahul '21 MBA, MS MIS

eller alumni profile

Rahul Mitra ’21 MBA, MS MIS is making leaps and bounds in his career at Amazon.

Mitra was an operations manager in the automotive industry for nearly five years—concentrating mainly on developing his team and making sure that they were well equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

“I was focused on growing leaders by delegating and empowering my team to attain maximum performance and quality,” he says. Besides giving him leadership qualities, the role taught him the value of investing in oneself. “I started realizing that the most fundamental challenge is the volume of data at our disposal and it made sense for me to capitalize on this trend and invest in my own professional development.” This is what led him to begin his journey at the Eller College of Management.

As a student Mitra was very involved within the Eller community as he received the student of the semester award and became president for the MBA Student Association. He was also part of the Technology Leadership Program at the Eller College.

Mitra began his journey with Amazon in the Summer 2021 as Business Intel Engineer Intern. Because of his high-quality work as an intern, he was offered a full-time position. He instead accepted another offer within amazon for a different role he had interviewed for—Pathways Operations Manager—which he started once he graduated from Eller in 2022.

He later transitioned to a different role and joined AWS Fintech as a Sr. Program Manager.

It was quite difficult for Mitra to make the career transition from operations to product management. “The hardest part is to convince people that you can still do the job even if you don’t have the relevant experience as others,” he says. “But with preparation, persistent hard work and support from networks, it was all made possible.”

Mitra enjoys partaking in tasks that blend both the business and technology industries and hopes to deliver remarkable products, services and experiences to help improve the lives of customers. He also hopes to lead cross-functional teams and build strong relationships with others he works with.

Mitra is excited about what the future holds. “I hope to be an integral part of the fourth industrial revolution where Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things are the upcoming future,” he says. “My experience at Eller provided me with an opportunity to bridge the gap that existed between my previous skillset and what needed to be achieved by developing an intense understanding on how businesses are managed in a more holistic manner.”