Embracing Change: Jordan Savoy's Post-MBA Journey

Jordan Savoy

Attending the Eller College of Management proved to be a significant decision for Jordan Savoy ‘23 MBA—a former Raytheon engineer—as it not only shaped her career path but also broadened her perspectives and ambitions. Savoy's MBA journey at Eller has been a game-changer by helping guide her professional path and personal aspirations. Her experience has shown how higher education can truly shape a career.

Savoy's initial role at Raytheon as an engineer set the foundation for her career, but she soon realized that her passion went beyond engineering. "I really loved the defense industry and one day I would like to run my own company,” she says. “But I knew I wasn't destined to be an engineer forever." This self-awareness led Savoy to transition from engineering to the frontend of the business, where she engaged with customers and shaped strategies.

The pandemic was a turning point in her career, as it was for many others. Influenced by conversations with friends and mentors who highly praised the Eller MBA program, Savoy decided to pursue her MBA. She was pleased to find the GMAT/GRE requirements waived due to the pandemic, further cementing her decision. Reflecting on her choice, Savoy said, "I just decided one day I'm going to get my MBA. It was during the pandemic... if this isn't a sign from the universe, I don't know what is." Upon completing her MBA, Savoy seamlessly transitioned into a contract management role at Raytheon.

Savoy highlighted the impact of Eller's MBA program on both a personal and professional level. She emphasized, "Being able to go through the MBA program provided me [with] a different perspective... broadened my way of thinking about what a business is and what it takes to run it." The program's diverse curriculum, covering areas such as marketing, finance, and supply chain, equipped Savoy with a holistic view of business operations that positively transformed not only her business understanding but also her awareness in daily life.

When it comes to what she got out of her MBA investment, Savoy noted, "I saw a return on investment [by] allowing me to apply to a role that I was very much ready for." Her MBA  not only qualified her for career advancements but also enhanced her problem-solving skills and strategic thinking, making her a valuable asset in her new role. Savoy's experience exemplifies how earning an Eller MBA goes beyond academic knowledge to shape professionals with a multifaceted skill set.

 By combining academic rigor with real-world application, Savoy’s journey shows how the Eller MBA program equips professionals like herself with the skills and mindset needed to navigate complex business landscapes and achieve personal and career growth.