Empowering Women in Business Through Fashion: Bryanna Samuels ’19 BSBA (Finance and Entrepreneurship)

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Bryanna Samuels’ ’19 BSBA (Finance and Entrepreneurship) journey from a hardworking student to an innovative venture capital investor and entrepreneur is one filled with passion, innovation and a commitment to community empowerment. Samuels’ trajectory wasn't a straight line but rather a journey marked by pivotal moments of discovery and steadfast determination. 

Samuels’ decision to attend the Eller College of Management was marked by a clear sense of purpose and passion for business. Her high school experiences in DECA competitions and corporate internships ignited her interest in the business world, laying a solid foundation for her college endeavors. Actively participating in extracurricular activities and clubs at Eller, such as Delta Sigma Pi and the Investments Club, further fueled her ambition to pursue a degree in finance and entrepreneurship. 

Bryanna Samuels

Bryanna Samuels '19 BSBA (Finance and Entrepreneurship), founder of Good Rapport

Samuels’ experience navigating the world of finance on Wall Street revealed a glaring gap in the market: the lack of affordable, high-quality workwear options for women—especially women of color. “Women of color often have a harder time finding clothing that matches their skin tone and fits their body shape,” says Samuels. “Quality professional clothing can be expensive, and it’s often difficult to find affordable high-quality options that help women exude confidence and professionalism.” 

Recognizing this challenge, she embarked on a mission to address it by founding Good Rapport. The brand not only offers stylish and professional attire but also fosters a feeling of belonging. “Good Rapport is not just about workwear,” she says. “It is also about cultivating a sense of community for women through networking events, learning opportunities and peer support.” 

Establishing Good Rapport presented its own set of challenges, particularly in managing time effectively alongside a full-time investment role. Drawing on the knowledge and insights gained from her Eller studies, Samuels strategically tackled these hurdles. “At Eller, I gained the knowledge to start a business as well as a deep understanding of my strengths and weaknesses,” says Samuels. “Armed with this knowledge, I identified tasks I could tackle independently and areas where I needed to enlist third-party assistance. This empowered me to streamline my efforts and maximize productivity despite time constraints, ultimately propelling Good Rapport Forward.” 

Good Rapport's mission revolves around empowering women to excel in both their personal and professional lives. The brand prioritizes affordability, quality and sustainability in its products, utilizing premium fabrics and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Transparency in pricing and inclusivity in product design and marketing are key elements of Good Rapport's philosophy. 

Samuels’ commitment to giving back to the community is evident in initiatives like the Eller student suit donation program. Every year, Good Rapport will gift a suit to a graduating senior who is part of the Wall Street Scholars Program. Recognizing the pivotal role of community support in her own journey, she seeks to empower students and professionals alike through Good Rapport's endeavors.

Bryanna's aspirations for the future extend beyond building Good Rapport into a successful women’s brand. She envisions establishing a venture capital platform under the brand's umbrella, facilitating investments that contribute to community growth and welfare.

“The unwavering support of the Eller community has been pivotal in launching my finance career on Wall Street,” says Samuels. It has also continued to provide ongoing encouragement to steadfastly pursue my aspirations.”

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