Bikram Ghosh

Associate Professor of Marketing
Eller Fellow
Bikram Ghosh

McClelland Hall 320P
1130 E. Helen St. 
P.O. Box 210108 
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108


Areas of Expertise

Effect of user-generated review of products on firm competition and strategy
Social movements

Bikram Ghosh joined the Eller College of Management as associate professor in 2013 after previously teaching at the University of South Carolina. He earned his PhD in Marketing in 2007 from Purdue University. His research focuses on analytical models of marketing with a focus on firm pricing strategy and competition, social movements and the effect of user-generated reviews of products on firm competition and strategy.


  • MKTG 451 Advanced Analytics/CRM
  • MKTG 542 Relationship Marketing

Selected Publications

  • Strategic price competition and product bundling, with Subramanian Balachander, Management Science, 2007, Vol 53(1), 159-168.

  • Why Bundle Discounts can be a Profitable Alternative to Competing on Price Promotions?” with Subramanian Balachander and Axel Stock, Marketing Science, 2010, Vol 29(4), 624-638

  • Advertising effectiveness, Digital Video Recorders and Product Market Competition, with Axel Stock, Marketing Science, 2010, Vol 29(4), 638-649

  • Social Sharing of Information Goods: Implications for Pricing and Profits, with Michael R. Galbreth and Mikhael Shor, Marketing Science2012, Vol 31(4), 603-620

  • "Competition and Sustainability: the Impact of Consumer Awareness", with Michael R. Galbreth, Decision Sciences, 2013, Vol 44(1), 127-159.  Best paper award, Decision Sciences Journal, 2013.

  • “Bayesian Estimation of a Simultaneous Probit Model Using Error Augmentation: An Application to Multi-buying and Churning Behavior”, with Subramanian Balachander, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2013, Vol 11(4), 437-458

  • “The Competitive Impact of Targeted Television Advertising Using DVR Technology”, with Michael R. Galbreth and Guangzhi Shang, Decision Sciences, 2013, Vol 44(5), 951-971.

  • “Impact of Consumer Attentiveness and Search Costs in Firm Quality Disclosure: A Competitive Analysis”, with Michael R. Galbreth, Management Science, 2013, Vol 59(11), 2604-2621.

  • “Asymmetric Uncertainty and Endogenous Market Segmentation in Experience Goods”, with Michael R. Galbreth, forthcoming, Decision Sciences, 2017, 48(5), 990-1012

  • “Optimal Retail Return Policies with Consumer Opportunism” with Guangzhi Shang and Michael R. Galbreth, Productions and Operations Management, 2017, 26(7), 1315-1332

  • “How Unequal Perception of User Reviews Impact Price Competition” with Pelin Pekgun and Michael R. Galbreth, Decision Sciences, 2018, 49(2), 250-274.

  • “The Effect of Exogenous Product Familiarity on Endogenous Consumer Search”, with Michael R. Galbreth. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2020, 18, 195-235

  • “The Weight of the Crowd, Social Information Credibility, and Firm Strategy”, with Michael R. Galbreth. Productions and Operations Management, 2023, 32(5), 1079-95.

  • “Effect of Search Cost in The Presence of Search Deterring Informative Advertising”, with Michael R. Galbreth. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2023, 21, 357-379. 

  • “Metaphor-Enabled Marketplace Sentiment Analysis”, with Ignacio Luri and Hope Schau, Journal of Marketing Research, Published Online, July 2023.

  • "Marketing Strategies in Reward-based Crowdfunding: The Role of Demand Uncertainties" with Peng Wang and Yong Liu. International Journal of Research in Marketing. Accepted.


  • PhD in Marketing, Purdue University, 2007