Exequiel Rolón

Assistant VP Sustainability & Community Relations, Baluarte

Exequiel Rolón is Sustainability Manager of Fresnillo PLC, the world leader in silver mining. In this position, he is responsible for the social performance of the company. He works closely with operations and development projects to engage and build trust with the neighboring communities. In addition, he manages sustainability reporting and leads the initiatives to foster diversity and embed ethics in the organizational culture. Prior to Fresnillo plc, he was consultant in projects in Canada, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Madagascar.

He currently serves as board member of the Center for Leadership Ethics of the University of Arizona and the World Environment Center (WEC). He participates in the sustainability initiative of the Silver Institute. He regularly speaks at conferences and events on sustainability and community relations.

He received his BS in Civil Engineering from Universidad Panamericana (Guadalajara, Mexico), MSc in Geomatics from Université Laval (Québec, Canada) and MBA from HEC Montreal (Canada).