Preeti Choudhary

Associate Professor of Accounting

Preeti Choudhary

McClelland Hall 301J
1130 E. Helen St. 
P.O. Box 210108 
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108 

Areas of Expertise

  • Capital markets financial accounting
  • Financial reporting for taxes
  • Recognition versus disclosure
  • Financial reporting reliability and auditing


PhD in Business Administration (Accounting), Duke University, 2008

Master of Science in Accounting, University of Virginia, 2000

BS in Commerce, University of Virginia, 1999

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Preeti Choudhary joined the Eller College of Management as associate professor in 2017. Previously, she was assistant professor at Georgetown University. She earned her PhD in Accounting from Duke University in 2008. Prior to academia, she worked as an internal auditor for the Washington Post and in enterprise risk services with Deloitte. Her research focuses on capital markets financial accounting, financial reporting for taxes, recognition versus disclosure and financial reporting reliability.

Teaching Interests

  • Financial Accounting

Recently Published Papers

Working Papers

  • “Do Greater Audit Committee Responsibilities Enhance Corporate Governance?” 2019 (with M. Ashraf and J. Jaggi) (Columbia Law School Blog)
  • “The Last Chance to Improve Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from Recorded and Waived Audit Adjustments,” Cornell University and Duke University, 2019 (with K. Merkley and K. Schipper)
  • “Why Audit Input Matters? An Analysis of the Determinants of Audit Quality, Profitability, and Audit Fees Using PCAOB Data” with Daniel Aobdia and Noah Newberger, Northwestern University and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, 2019.
  •  “Do Auditors Correctly Identify and Assess Internal Control Deficiencies? Evidence from the PCAOB Data,” Northwestern University and University of Texas at Dallas, 2019 (with D. Aobdia and G. Sadka)
  •  “Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Reporting Errors Deemed Immaterial by Managers?” Cornell University and Duke University, 2019 (with K. Merkley and K. Schipper) (December 5 2019 Wall Street Journal)
  •   “Do Auditor-Provided Tax Services Affect Estimation Error in the Tax Account?” Georgetown University and George Mason University, 2017 (with A. Koester and R. Pawlewicz)