Songcui Hu

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Eller Fellow
Songcui Hu

McClelland Hall 405MM
1130 E. Helen St. 
P.O. Box 210108 
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108


Areas of Expertise

Adaptive aspirations (goals) and attention allocation
Behavioral strategy
Behavioral Theory of the Firm
Firm risk-taking behavior
Organizational Learning

Songcui Hu joined the Eller College of Management in 2012 after earning her PhD in strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina. Her research interests include behavioral strategy, behavioral theory of the firm, adaptive aspirations (goals) and attention allocation, firm risk-taking behavior and organizational learning.


  • Ref, O., Hu, S., Milyavsky, M., Feldman, N.E., & Shapira, Z. (forthcoming.) Motivation and ability: Unpacking underperforming firms’ risk-taking. Organization Science.
  • Hu, S., Gentry, RG., Quigley, T., & Boivie, S. 2023. Who’s in the driver’s seat? Exploring firm-level vs. CEO-level effects on problemistic search. Journal of Management, 49(4):
  • Hu, S., Gu, Q., & Xia, J. 2022. Problemistic search of the embedded firm: The joint effects of performance feedback and network positions on venture capital firms’ risk taking. Organization Science, 33(5): 1889-1908. 
  • Zhu, Q., Hu, S., & Shen, W. 2020. Why do some insider CEOs make more strategic changes than others? The impact of prior board experience on new CEO insiderness. Strategic Management Journal, 41(10): 1933-1951. ( † All authors contribute equally to the paper)
  • Hu, S., & Bettis, RA. 2018. Multiple organizational goals with feedback from shared technological task environments. Organization Science, 29(5): 873-889.   
  • Bettis, RA., & Hu, S. 2018. Bounded rationality, heuristics, computational complexity, and artificial intelligence. Advances in Strategic Management, Behavioral Strategy in Perspective (Augier, M, Fang, C., & Rindova, V.P. ed.), 39: 139 – 150. Emerald Publishing Limited.
  • Schilke, O.Hu, S., & Helfat, CE. 2018. Quo vadis, dynamic capabilities? A content-analytic review of the current state of knowledge and recommendations for future research. Academy of Management Annals, 12(1): 390-439. ( † The first two authors contribute equally to the paper)
  • Hu, S., He, Z., Blettner, D., & Bettis, RA. 2017. Conflict inside and outside: Social comparisons and attention shifts in multidivisional firms. Strategic Management Journal, 38(7): 1435-1454.
  • Blettner, D., He, Z., Hu, S., & Bettis, RA. 2015. Adaptive aspirations and performance heterogeneity: Attention allocation among multiple reference points. Strategic Management Journal, 36(7): 987-1005.
  • Hu, S., Blettner, D., & Bettis, RA. 2011. Adaptive aspirations: Risk taking at extremes and alternative reference groups. Strategic Management Journal, 32: 1426-1436.

Professional Associations

  • Academy of Management
  • Strategic Management Society

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, Management and Organizations Department, University of Arizona (2015)
  • Peggy Lee-Sunil Wahal PhD Award, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC (2011)
  • Future Faculty Fellowship, Graduate School, UNC (2010)
  • SMS Doctoral Consortium Fellowship, Strategic Management Society (2009)
  • PhD Fellowship, University of North Carolina (2007-2012)

Editorial Boards and Service

  • Editorial Board Member for Strategic Management Journal (2013-present)
  • Editorial Board Member for Administrative Science Quarterly (2020-present)
  • Editorial Board Member for Organization Science (2022-present)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer for Strategy Science
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer for Journal of Management
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer for Advances in Strategic Management
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer for Global Strategy Journal
  • Conference Reviewer for AOM and SMS


  • PhD, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill