Mehrdad Aghayari

Doctoral Student
mehrdad aghayari headshot

McClelland Hall

Picture Mehrdad Aghayari, an enthusiastic Marketing PhD student, as an explorer fueled by an insatiable curiosity, delving into unexplored realms of research. His academic compass directs him toward the captivating territories of cognition, social influence, judgment and decision-making, and the intricate landscapes of identity. But Mehrdad is not merely navigating; he's actively flinging open doors to uncharted territories, firmly convinced that the magic of innovation unfolds at the crossroads of diverse fields.

Before joining the Eller College of Management, Mehrdad dedicated himself to unraveling the mysteries of word of mouth and dissecting the impact of anti-smoking ads at Iran University of Science and Technology. There, he earned his Master of Science in Business Management, majoring in Marketing – not just a degree, but a testament to his hands-on approach to comprehending real-world dynamics.

Now, Mehrdad's toolkit comprises a vibrant mosaic of methodologies, including behavioral, physiological, and neurophysiological approaches—a dynamic symphony that mirrors his commitment to unraveling the captivating complexities of human behavior and decision-making. If you envision someone deeply immersed in research, propelled by an insatiable curiosity and perennially open to the wonders of discovery, that's Mehrdad Aghayari—a researcher with a passion for the limitless possibilities that extend beyond the known.