Alumni Profile | Hector Moreno '08

Alumni Profile | Hector Moreno '08

March 26, 2018

Hector Moreno is the founder of Copper Sun Sound, a company that combines his passion for music and the arts with the entrepreneurial skill set he developed through the McGuire Program. Moreno majored in Music and Media Arts and completed the McGuire Program in '08. 

5 Questions with Hector Moreno

"Hi, I am Hector Moreno. First and foremost, I am a songwriter. I was born in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico, but mostly grew up in Tucson. I am passionate about producing and recording people's music of mostly any genre, and am always searching for authentic and unique sound from talented, good-natured musicians, bands, ensembles, you name it. I do this through my business, Copper Sun Sound, and am currently part of a really cool production team that makes each production an enjoyable process each step of the way. My favorite thing to do is to write, record, and perform, which I am developing through my other business, Reckoner Song. I am most inspired by my incredible and talented wife, my family, and friends who always keep me upbeat."

Q. What is most surprising about being an entrepreneur? 

A. The most surprising thing about being an entrepreneur is discovering how many people in the greater community are willing to be such great resources for you. The spirit of sincerity and kindness I have encountered in my experience is truly remarkable. I have found most people are genuinely willing to equip you with all the right info/resources and point you in the right direction if you are outgoing enough to simply ask. Getting to know some of these people has been one of the main highlights and honors of being an entrepreneur.

Q. What was the most important lesson you learned in the entrepreneurship program?

A. I think the phrase that has stuck with me and resonated the most through all these years is, "Integrity is All You've Got," which, of course, is the title of Karl Eller's book (a good read I recommend, by the way), but more importantly, an incredible message in just a few short words. The truth is, in your endeavors and in life, you will come across any variety of people, have many experiences, both good and bad, and face several challenges as the landscape shifts. I have learned the value of how integrity protects you as you navigate through these life experiences and as you strive to make a difference. It teaches you what is most worth your time, energy, and how to value your own potential and that of others. It helps to define the meaning of what true business and character really are. Most importantly, if your aim is true, it teaches you the humility necessary to be a successful human being and create some real, positive change. To put it simply, "Integrity is all you've got!"

Q. What impact has the Entrepreneurship Program had on your career of life?

A. The impact the Entrepreneurship Program has had on me is that it has helped create and grow the built-in skill sets, perspectives and values to approach business and life differently than how it might be otherwise. I think the spirit and resilience you learn to identify and increasingly value as you move forward is the life force of what inspires change, purpose, and the courage towards positive risk worth pursuing.


Q. What do you consider your biggest entrepreneurial success?

A. What I consider as my biggest entrepreneurial success is that I am learning to improve and strengthen the fabric of what can help make me a better source of positivity for people. I am constantly learning how my own outlook and response to any successes, or to any mistakes and failures, is what creates the endurance necessary to have a real chance at doing something great. So far, I think my most significant accomplishment is not an accomplishment at all, but learning how it is actually a practice.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

A. My advice is that all the best things come from honing a real craft, and that it is usually best to learn from the ground up. It often takes more time this way, but also saves you a wealth of time in the long run. Having this perspective will keep your heart in the right place, help you maintain a healthy mindset, and give you the patience and persistence necessary to take your life where you want to lead it.