Balancing a Triple Major: Miguel Pugmire '18 BSBA (Business Management and Entrepreneurship) BS Mining and Geological Engineering

Balancing a Triple Major: Miguel Pugmire '18 BSBA (Business Management and Entrepreneurship) BS Mining and Geological Engineering

Six Questions with Miguel Angel Pugmire

Miguel Angel Pugmire

How did you become interested in entrepreneurship?

I became interested in entrepreneurship once I started to take classes in Eller. I had realized the many innovative and available technologies being created at the University of Arizona and how it can help the mining industry.

Why were you interested in the McGuire New Venture Development Program?

I had heard of the McGuire New Venture Development Program from a UA alumnus who graduated from with his mining and geological engineering degree. He said that the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that he gained while in the program have furthered his professional career. Hearing about the program’s benefits and his experiences made me really interested.

How do you plan to use your entrepreneurship education? 

I plan to use my entrepreneurial education to benefit the mining and minerals industry as well as the local Tucson community. With my team’s current venture there is a possibility to reduce the environmental footprint from both the mining and energy industries while expanding Tucson’s infrastructure.

How does entrepreneurship compliment the rest of your studies? 

The New Venture Development Program is complementing my business and engineering studies by coalescing them into one. With the venture that I am currently working with, I get the opportunity to use my engineering skills and knowledge by working in a lab. My business skills and knowledge help by creating our venture’s business plan, financial statements and marketing plan.

What activities are you involved in outside of class?

I am the president of the UA chapter of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. It is an international professional organization that focuses on the mining and minerals industry. In December 2017 we had our annual golf tournament fundraiser, where we raised over $40,000 and plan to use those funds to send our student members to the SME Annual Conference and Expo in Minneapolis.

What is your dream career? 

My dream career is to become a leader in the mining and minerals industry to help developing countries further their capabilities in utilizing their resources.