MSM/MBA Dual Degree

MSM/MBA Dual Degree

Achieve the powerful combination of marketing expertise and business fundamentals by completing your MS in Marketing along with your MBA.

Students learn critical thinking and systematic approaches along with marketing knowledge to advance their careers and prepare for senior leadership roles. Apply to each program separately, and complete a total of 72 units, taking 5 semesters.


Candidates must apply separately to and be admitted to both MBA and MSM programs. 

The student must meet the prerequisite requirements for both degrees.

Degree Requirements

MBA Degree requirements: 55 units of course work

MSM Degree requirements: 34 (28 units of coursework plus a 6-unit Summer Thesis*)

However: 17 units of Marketing course work can be counted toward the MBA

Therefore, to receive the dual degree, the following are required:

  • For the MBA degree:
    • 38 units of course work taken from the MBA core and elective curriculum
    • 17 units of Marketing electives with 3 units of MKTG 909 included
      • 55 units: meets requirement for the MBA degree
  • For the MBA/MSM degree:  In addition to the above,
    • 14 units in Marketing
    • ​​​​​​3 units of the MSM Thesis course work (MKTG 909)
      • 17 units: meets requirement for MSM degree

Total Units: 72

Sample Plan of Study

Year One

Fall Spring
MGMT 556 Leadership and Teams (2 units) FIN 510B Financial Management (2 units)
ACCT 540 Introduction to Financial Accounting (2 units) MIS 585 Strategic Management of Information Systems (2 units)
ECON 550 Economics for Managers (2 units) BNAD 597A MBA Consulting Project (3 units)
MGMT 562 Business Statistics (2 units) MKTG 572 Marketing Research for Managers (3 units)
BCOM 510A Business Communication and Professional Development (2 units) ACCT 545 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (2 units)

MKTG 510 Market-Based Management (2 units)

MIS 560 Operations Management (2 units)
ECON 551 Business Strategy (2 units) MBA ELE  MBA Elective (3 units)
FIN 510A Financial Management (2 units)  
BNAD 596C Global Business Experience (2 units)  

Year Two

Fall Spring
MKTG 530 Management of Marketing Communications (3 units) MKTG 546 Marketing Strategy (3 units)
MKTG 542 Relationship Marketing (3 units) MKTG 559 Product Strategy (3 units)
MKTG 555E Brand Management (3 units) MKTG ELE Marketing Elective (3 units)
MKTG 556 Pricing Strategy and Tactics (3 units) MBA ELE MBA Elective (3 units)
MBA ELE  MBA Elective (3 units) MBA ELE MBA Elective (3 units)
MKTG 909 Master's Project (6 units)