Real Estate Valuation Graduate Certificate

Real Estate Valuation Graduate Certificate

Quantify Value, Realize Returns 


Establish a meaningful understanding of real estate project valuation and investment theory.

Evolve into a knowledgeable real estate valuation job candidate as you learn indispensable skills in financial modeling, diversified real estate portfolio construction, and due diligence structures. The Eller Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Valuation is designed for online students enrolled in the MS in Finance program who seek specialized knowledge in real estate valuation. Students will take a minimum of 9 units from an array of courses to gain expertise in valuing real estate and real estate projects.

What You'll Learn

Acquire quantitative knowledge and technical skills through specialized courses in real estate valuation, including financial modeling, portfolio theory, due diligence, and alternative investment methods. Learn and demonstrate how value is created in real estate acquisitions. 

What You'll Gain

Accelerate your journey to becoming a real estate finance professional with Eller’s finance certificate. This comprehensive certificate program will prepare you with skills required to succeed in fields such as real estate acquisitions, real estate appraisal, and brokerage. From designing a complete valuation process for an investment property to creating a comprehensive due diligence structure, you’ll have the knowledge you need to excel in your career.


To earn a Real Estate Valuation Certificate, you’ll take a minimum of 9 units within an array of courses to gain expertise in valuing real estate and real estate projects.

Select 1 of the following:

Learn and apply concepts in evaluation, financing, and management of investments in real property including risk quantification, portfolio theory, and alternative investment methods.

Review the legal principles that inform and regulate the due diligence and entitlement process that is the basis of every successful real estate transaction.

Prime knowledge in the analysis techniques and data sources used to segment real estate markets, quantify demand, and evaluate competing supply. Consider the balance of demand and supply as a key component to responsible real estate development.

Complete Both of the following:

  • FIN 513: Fundamental Valuation Modeling (3 units)
    Develop knowledge in a hands-on introduction to fundamental theories, methods, and tools underlying the practice of financial analysis. Apply a framework for analyzing complex financial issues and become proficient in solving such challenges via spreadsheet modeling.
  • FIN 552: Real Estate Valuation (3 units)
    Design and employ a property valuation process based on relevant financial and investment property theories and models. Create a due diligence structure to evaluate real estate projects and employ this structure to conduct due diligence on a real project to show how value is created. 


  • Admission to the Online Master of Science in Finance Program
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Resume
  • Brief Statement of Purpose
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Unofficial English proficiency result

Application Deadlines

  • July 20, 2024
  • December 8, 2024

Session Start Dates

  • August 26, 2024
  • January 21, 2025

Schedule of Courses

The courses for the certificate are located in the attached schedule of courses. Please note that some courses and their availability may be limited. Schedule of courses is subject to change at any time.