Senior Class Gift

Senior Class Gift

Eller College Dean's Council Presents: 
Leave Your Legacy

We’re proud to announce the annual launch of the Eller College Senior Class Gift initiative.

This is the perfect way for you to leave a positive and lasting impact on the Eller College of Management. If in the last four years you’ve had class with an exceptional professor, were involved in an exciting team or event or met someone at the College who has shaped your life in some way, this is your chance to say, thank you. You can help ensure that future students have the same opportunities.

Your gift will also help encourage past alumni and contributors to give to the College and the reputation of the College will improve. As the Eller brand increases in value, so does the school’s ranking and the value of your degree.

Class Gift Details

The Class Gift entails:

  • Leave YOUR Legacy. Your donation will have your name commemorated in McClelland Hall.
  • The money will go towards improving McClelland Hall and the Eller experience (such as more power outlets, study tables, food options and new classroom seating).

Previous Years' Gifts

The donations from past classes went towards purchasing things like: new umbrellas, adding a charging station to the college, replacing chairs in some of our classrooms, including Berger Auditorium, adding more outlets throughout the building, contributing to the Professional Development Center, and, installing outlets throughout the Estes Atrium.

We ask that each graduating senior donate to the Senior Class Gift initiative.

Every donation helps, no matter how big or small!

Donations may be made online or you may also drop off a check (made out to the UA Foundation) to Meghan Welsh, Director of undergraduate events, leadership and marketing, McClelland Hall Room 201.


Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, email Dave Wietecha, Associate Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Alumni Relations, at

The Class of 2008 started an initiative to give back and say thank you to school for all of the memories and opportunities that they have been able to enjoy.

The Senior Class Gift is not just about raising money. It is also aimed at raising alumni participation rates and strengthening the value of the Eller education.

The Senior Class Gift will aid in funding the purchase of furniture and other equipment to make McClelland Hall more conducive to the level of group work that the Eller curriculum demands as well as funding the different aspects that make up the Eller Experience. 

There are many reasons why you should support the Senior Class Gift, including:

  • Generous alumni are partly responsible for making Eller one of the top business schools in the nation. Now, the Senior Class Gift gives students the chance to continue that legacy, and give future generations of students the same opportunities.
  • If you donate to the Senior Class Gift, you will get your name added on a plaque that will be placed in or near McClelland Hall. A current plaque can be found outside on the wall that opposes McClelland Hall's 1st Floor Patio (Ike's) 

Every gift counts!

Alumni participation is one of the key factors that determine the ranking of a business school. A higher participation rate shows other schools, prospective students, and recruiters how much you value the school. As the Eller brand increases in value, so does the ranking of the school and the value of your degree. Currently only 13 percent of Eller alumni have ever given back financially to the College.

Tuition only covers about 17 percent of the costs of educating a student at the Eller College. Support from alumni and other sources are essential in order to sustain the education provided at this premier school of business.

You can donate online. You can also make checks payable to the UA Foundation and drop them off in McClelland Hall Room 204.

As a first time giver we encourage students to give a donation that represents their school year, for example 2023 = $20.23, but you may certainly give more. You may also encourage your parents or family members to contribute to the Senior Class Gift on your behalf to increase the size of the flexible gift fund.

Many of the top business schools have similar programs to the Senior Class Gift. The Senior Class Gift at the Eller College of Management will raise class participation rates to more closely match those of our peer schools.