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At the Lundgren Retail Collaborative, we advance retail insights and solutions.

The Lundgren Retail Collaborative at the University of Arizona is an innovative research center dedicated to bridging the gap between academic inquiry and retail-business applications. As a joint endeavor of the Eller College of Management and the Norton School of Human Ecology, the Collaborative brings together experts in marketing, consumer science, retail management, business operations, and more.

Funded by a philanthropic gift from Terry and Tina Lundgren, our mission is to advance cutting-edge research and solutions to tackle the evolving challenges and opportunities within the retail sector. 

We’re pleased to share the publication of our first white paper: 
Evolving Voice: Future of the Workplace

In 2024 an estimated 4 million new college graduates will enter the workforce, but many hiring organizations are still struggling to adapt to the fundamental changes in business that have transpired in the past 5 years. To address questions related to the workplace of the future, the Lungren Retail Collaborative research team conducted a study examining attitudes about workplace preferences among Next Gen workers. The findings are presented in our first volume of Evolving Voice: Future of the Workplace.

Our research shows that Next-Gen employees have a greater desire for in-person work environments than employers may think, with 68 percent of participants preferring a hybrid office environment. Nearly a quarter (23 percent) chose in-person work, while only 9 percent desire a fully remote work environment. In addition, the research showed that preferences are more nuanced than in-person versus remote.

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Our People

Jennifer Savary

Associate Professor of Marketing
Terry J. and Tina Lundgren Endowed Chair for Marketing and Retail
Co-director of the Lundgren Retail Collaborative

Areas of Expertise

Consumer psychology
Identity and Self-signaling
Judgment and Decision-making
Motivation and goals