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For decades, CMI has both researched and revolutionized collaboration processes and technologies.

The Center for the Management of Information has helped redefine the way people work and communicate—using the best of today’s tools for the best possible future.

Research Highlight: Detecting Deception and Intent

It’s something humans have examined, studied and hypothesized about for centuries: how to detect, for certain, if someone is lying. While no one has historically found a way to detect it with a high level of accuracy (even with polygraph tests), now, with a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CMI is developing computer-assisted detection tools using non-verbal cues in human behavior. Thanks to automated intent determination, speech act profiling and the C# Behavioral Annotation System, the possibilities are endless.

A Broad Reach

CMI has been awarded over $100 million in grants to perform cutting-edge research in collaboration, information technologies, group processes and group support.

Other CMI Research

Border Security and Immigration

As the lead research institution of the Center of Excellence for Border Security and Immigration, CMI is contributing to our understanding of border issues—and making it possible to adopt a much more proactive response to them.

Border Security and Immigration Research

Information Assurance

Led by CMI Director Jay Nunamaker, our Information Assurance and Security Education Center addresses the growing need for information security professionals who understand information assurance. It focuses on fostering curriculum development, research, professional alliances and educational outreach.

Information Assurance REsearch


People in today’s workforce do much of their most important work as teams—which is why CMI performs collaboration research to create more effective and efficient teams through systems that make the most of team strengths and mitigate the weaknesses that arise in group work.

Collaboration REsearch

Publications of the CMI

For decades, our faculty and student work at CMI has been featured in top journals and publications—ranging from the Journal of Management Information Systems to Frontiers in Information Technology and Applications.

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