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Support the CMIH

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Keith Provan Memorial Fund

Professor Keith Provan was the founding director of the Center for Management Innovations in Health Care in 2010. Keith was a gifted and dedicated organizational theorist and public management scholar. His research focused on inter-organizational and network relationships, including network structure, evolution, governance and effectiveness, especially in the domain of health, mental health and human services. Keith passed away in February 2014. Learn more about Keith Provan.

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The Center for Management Innovation in Healthcare operates primarily from the support of generous individual and corporate donors.

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Our sponsors and industry partners help support the Center and provide important connections to the issues and challenges
that are at the forefront of health care management, strategy and leadership. 

Thank you to our founding sponsors
Peter and Nancy Salter.

The Salter's generous commitment of $2.5 million for the Center for Management Innovations in Healthcare has revitalized the Center's mission of training students to address the ever-growing issues between business and healthcare today. The Salter's have also funded a healthcare entrepreneurship class which helps give students the tools necessary to foster new ideas within the industry. The Salters are UA alumni and the founders of the global medical device company Salter Labs.