Numerical Markers Conference


All Day Sept. 24, 2021

All Day Sept. 25, 2021


Eller College of Management, Tucson, Arizona

Consumers use numerical information to answer questions such as “How long?”, “How many?” or “How much?’ to evaluate offers, inform their choices between options and judge their consumption experiences. Virtually all marketplace consumer interactions involve interpretation of numerical information. 

The goal of this conference is to answer the question above through a dialogue among researchers working in the diverse areas of consumer psychology that have developed independently—numerical processing, behavioral pricing, ratings/rankings, online reviews metrics, information framing, psychometrics, commissions/payouts, goal pursuit, prediction making, risk assessment and financial decision making. By bringing together researchers in these diverse, yet interrelated, areas, we hope to develop overarching insights about how numerical markers affect consumers’ judgments, choices and consumption experiences.

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