March 21, 2013


We enhance the experience of audience members for classical music concerts through our multi-media program notes by delivering the intricacies of the music to be performed, hence, adding value to each concert. Our product will also be used as a marketing tool to attract new audiences while retain the regulars, boosting ticket sales. The product will be delivered via our orchestral partners to their audiences, with the 117 US orchestras with a budget over $2.5m per year as our primary target. We are pursuing a shared-profit model, and our revenue would be gained through audiences instead of from the institution. 

About Us 

Kevin Chau, a Chinese-Australian pianist, is currently a full time Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) student in Piano Performance at the University of Arizona, studying under the tutelage of Dr. John Milbauer. He earned his B.A. in Music at Carleton College, MN as a Davis United World Scholar, graduating magna cum laude with Honors in Music Performance. He recently graduated from the University of Arizona in 2011 with a M.M. in Piano Performance as a scholarship student. 

Kevin has worked extensively as the concert hall manager as well as the assistant to the Performance Activities Coordinator at Carleton College, running over 30 concerts per year, gaining valuable first hand music administrative experience along the way. He is now currently the Events Director for the Graduate and Professional Students Council at the University of Arizona, and plans huge events for students across campus, such as Graduate Orientation, Student Showcase and Graduate Student Appreciation Week. 

His expertise as a professional performer is in contemporary music, and his research is in the relationship between artists and their audience, and on the responsibility of performers to help art evolve while still engaging the public. With his unique skill set, he has the sensibility to bring performers closer to their audience, as well as having a genuine understanding of how the public react to classical music. 

Kevin has lived in multiple countries and has vast travelling experience. He speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English, and has basic command of Spanish and French. 

Juan González, born in Santiago Chile in 1978, he is currently a full time Ph.D. student on the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering program of the University of Arizona, and holds a RA position. He earned B.S. in Agronomy and a M.S. in Agricultural Engineering degrees from the University of Chile, and later earned a M.S. in Soil Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 

He has worked as a private consultant giving advises on agricultural and environmental soil and water management. He has also worked as an irrigation manager, directing the operations of over 500 acre and managing a 15 workers and technicians crew. 

He is a music lover and attends concerts of different music styles. His passion for music took him to join this venture and fuels his efforts to make it successful. He believes that classic music is absolutely underrated by current generations, and this venture can play a key role on linking young people and classical music. 

He has advanced knowledge in English, is a native Spanish speaker and has an elementary command of German.