Vive Innovations

March 21, 2013

We are commercializing devices based on a patented platform technology that detects pathogens in real time. We aim to revolutionize the slow, labor-intensive pathogen detection methods currently in use throughout the world. Our devices are portable, simple to use, extremely reliable, and require no consumable materials. Our devices can detect pathogens on surfaces, in the air, and in water. We will initially sell devices to hospitals in order to increase sterilization efficiency while reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections. Further markets include food processing, water supply monitoring, and air monitoring. 

About Us 

Kiley Gasparovic: Marketing/Communications Manager 
Kiley will be graduating with honors in May with a dual major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Outside of her formal education, Kiley has held positions in sales and marketing ranging from direct sales for an environmental startup, to social media for a global software corporation. Her experiences have provided her with the skills to analyze a new market, and implement marketing strategies accordingly. Her passion for communications and design enables her to lead in designing presentations, tradeshow booths, marketing materials, and other marketing functions. With experience working in a variety of major centers of business such as San Francisco, New York, and Barcelona, Kiley is comfortable speaking with and pitching to people in any setting. 

Ryan Harris: Business Development Manager 
Ryan will be graduating in May with a dual major in Management and Entrepreneurship. He has over seven years of retail and customer service experience. Ryan started his first entrepreneurship venture in 2009 while working in a Safeway meat department. He has two patents granted on his design and has pitched the device to corporate buyers and investors. Ryan put this venture on hold in order to finish school and to start Vive Detect. Throughout this experience he has learned to deliver sales pitches to corporate buyers and how to craft a value proposition based on customer costs savings. With the advice of mentors, Ryan will continue to refine these skills to lead Vive Innovations sales efforts. 

Aron Lee: Research and Development Rep./International Sales Manager 
Aron will be graduating in May with a dual major in Management and Entrepreneurship. Residing in South Korea for 17 years, he has extensive international experience. He has a global mindset and multilingual capabilities. For Vive Innovation, Aron will serve as the R&D representative by developing our product for customized orders and different uses. As an international sales manager, Aron will expand our business into the international market. 

Zach McClain: General/Financial Manager 
Zach will be graduating in May with a dual major in Management and Entrepreneurship. Zach has work experience in management, sales, finance, and investments. He has extensive management experience, including overseas trip leadership and various paid project management positions such as business development and academic partnership management for the UA Bookstores. In Vive Innovations, Zach coordinates team efforts, manages finances, and maintains investor relationships.   

Josh Ruder: Science Team Liaison 
Josh will be graduating in May with a dual major in Physics and Economics. He has over five and a half years of lab experience, and has the technical vocabulary to effectively communicate the capabilities and limitations of Vive Detect to both investors and developers. Josh’s main function within Vive Innovations will be to ensure the quality of devices being produced and the articulation of precise information regarding the mechanical processes involved in using and maintaining a Vive Detect device.