Senior lecturer guides UA Seniors to product launch

Oct. 23, 2013

Scott Arellanno and Wyatt Thurston didn’t develop the idea for their new product, the Beer Tusk, in their 2011 Eller Entrepreneurship and Innovation class with Senior Lecturer Jane E. Robbins, but they approached her after to ask for mentoring as they developed their new venture. 

“In the nearly two years that I’ve worked with Scotty and Wyatt on this venture, they have demonstrated the perseverance, focus, adaptability, and commitment to quality of all true entrepreneurs,” said Professor Robbins, Senior Lecturer, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Institutional Leadership. “I’m incredibly proud of them and their dedication to producing a precision manufactured product.” 

The duo calls the Beer Tusk “the tool that shotguns a beer can perfectly.” It also serves as a key chain and a bottle opener. The Tucson Weekly recently covered the new venture and its Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 by Nov. 28. Read the full story: U of A Seniors Launch Kickstarter Project That Will Change How You Party Forever