McGuire Program New Venture Teams To Compete Nationally

March 15, 2016

Six McGuire Entrepreneurship Program teams are traveling across the nation this spring to pitch their innovative new ventures at business plan competitions. Sending students to national competitions is part of the McGuire Program's goal to provide experiential educational opportunities. Business plan competitions provide an excellent opportunity for teams to pitch their new venture concepts and compete for cash and in-kind prizes. Although awards are often a draw, the real prize is the chance to hone their skills in a real-world competition and improve their new ventures based on the thoughtful feedback provided by judges, business people and investors. 

Please help us wish the best of luck to the following teams as they travel the country representing their new ventures and the McGuire Program.  

LeanModel™ Competition

San Diego State University and the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center 
March 4-5


Improve employee accountability, communication and productivity while reducing costs with WorkSphere's secure and user-friendly mobile management software.  

WorkSphere is an undergraduate team (pictured bottom center from left): Dante Egger, business management; Ivan Mendez, MIS; Daniel Dicochea, business management; Timothy Wolfe, business economics; Chaoying Yan, MIS.


SXSW Startup Pitch Competition | Pitch Austin

The University of Texas McCombs School of Business and University of Michigan Ross School of Business 
March 12 

TheraCea Pharma

TheraCea Pharma develops therapeutics for the more than one billion people who suffer from neurological disorders, taking early drug candidates through discovery and collaboration from bench to market.

TheraCea Pharma is a graduate team (pictured top left from left): Iman Daryaei, biological chemistry; Atul Patel, MBA; Javier Castillo-Montoya, chemistry.  


Carnegie Mellon University Venture Challenge 

Carnegie Mellon University 
April 2



Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship New Venture Championship 

University of Oregon
April 7-9

TheraCea Pharma


Arizona Collegiate Venture Competition

Arizona State University 
April 8 


Non-profits can spend more time doing what matters when they use Bailiwic, the simple, powerful donor analytics software solution. Engage your donors. Change the world.

Bailiwic is an undergraduate team (pictured top center from left): Fernando Garcia, business management; Madeline Blank, marketing; Will Zandler, information science technology. 

Defiiant Technologies

Defiiant Technologies introduces an immersive, 3D social media experience through our mobile virtual reality app and Vidi, our wearable VR camera.

Defiiant Technologies is an undergraduate team (pictured top right from left): Kramer Kutschko, finance; Clayton Jeanette, systems engineering; Zachary Kane, marketing; Brian Herrera, optical sciences and engineering.  




Miami Convention Center
April 17-19

Defiiant Technologies



California Dreamin’ Competition 

Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, Chapman University
April 22-23


Discover your next great dining experience with personalized recommendations based on the flavors you savor. We know where you should go. Dine intelligently with Wherdugo.

Wherdugo is an undergraduate team (pictured bottom right from left): Jordan Spallas, marketing; Jonas Otter, business management; Joe Shetler, business management; Alyssa Bowles, MIS.


Innovative Minds Challenge

University of Arizona


Defiiant Technologies


Handle gives you one name and one place for all of your contact information. You have complete control over who sees which set of information.

Handle is a graduate team (pictured bottom left from left): Praharsh Srinivasula, computer science; Shivkanth Bagavathy, computer science.