The City that Stole My Heart: Brooke Hitchens '18 BSBA (Marketing)

Aug. 12, 2016


My summer has officially come to an end, and I still can’t believe that these last two months were reality. Living in London was an unforgettable experience that has truly given me the best summer of my life. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been able to work and study in the city of my dreams.

Interning with Secret Cinema had not only given me my desired experience in the film industry, but also an abundance of life-long friends. I learned the difference between British and American work cultures and how to work alongside a motivating, passionate team that share my interests. Our teachers were incredible and were the greatest gift on this experience, sharing all of their knowledge of the city and its culture. My perspective has changed on a global standpoint, and I now see the world as a whole new place.

Of course, I couldn’t imagine spending this summer without my Arizona family, and I now have the best of friends who I am grateful to always have by my side. From living in London to traveling through Isle of Wight, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Paris, I was completely immersed into new cultures that changed me for the better. I’ve wandered the streets alone, spontaneously traveled across the country, missed multiple trains, stayed in sketchy hostels, slept less than five hours almost every night, sang karaoke with famous Brit celebs, hit the pub with my crazy fun professors, roamed around Buckingham Palace at 3 a.m., and had the experience of a lifetime.

This summer has taught me more than any textbook ever could, and I’ve fallen in love with inspiring people and the world. Coming back to the states was another culture shock, but I definitely missed a great hamburger. Now that I’m home, I don’t know how I can live life without the Tube and British accents in my everyday life. London hasn’t seen the last of me yet. Next thing you know, I’ll have a one way ticket to the city that stole my heart. Farewell 13 Manson Place… next stop Tucson!

Header photo of London courtesy Pixabay.