UA Co-Hosted WiCyS 2017

April 3, 2017


Drs. Chen and Brown address WiCys and Dr. Chen chairs Cybersecurity Big Data and Analytics Sharing Workshop co-located at WiCyS

The University of Arizona co-hosted the Women in Cyber Security Conference (WiCyS) in Tucson at the end of March. Around 800 people attended the conference held at the J.W. Marriott Resort. Attendees included students, faculty, researchers, government agencies and industry in the growing field of cybersecurity. Drs. Chen and Brown from the University of Arizona's Management Information Systems Department addressed attendees during the opening remarks.

Artificial Intelligence Lab Director Hsinchun Chen hosted the Cybersecurity Big Data and Analytics Sharing Workshop co-located at WiCyS where participants presented current research using big data analytics in cybersecurity and discussed with the audience what their needs are for a future platform to facilitate the sharing of critical cybersecurity-related data and tools for research and education, a project funded by NSF. NSF Scholarship-For-Service student Sagar Samtani presented his work on the Hacker Web Portal and DIBBs-ISI Tool Inventory for ISI Research hosted on the prototype Intelligence and Security Informatics data and tools repository