Internship Spotlight: Kelsey Bushell '18 BSBA (MIS)

New York City

This summer, Kelsey Bushell '18 BSBA (Management Information Systems) and other Eller undergraduate students participated in internships across the country and around the globe. Check out Kelsey's experience as the consulting intern with Capco in New York City, and read more internship spotlights on the Eller Professional Development Center blog:

Kelsey Bushell

How did you land this internship?

I visited New York City with the Arizona Consulting Club for a networking trip. We visited the offices of Eller alumni who work in consulting in New York. Our first visit was to Capco, a management consulting firm that specializes in the financial services industry. Visiting the office and meeting people who work for the company made me realize that the company culture was a great fit for me, even though I’m not a finance major. I reached out to the internship recruiter the day after our visit to tell her why I was interested, stayed in touch with her throughout the recruitment process, and finally received an offer!

What was your favorite part of the experience?

I really enjoyed becoming a part of my team’s family. I joined the project at the same time as two associates (recent college graduates joining the company), so we went through onboarding and project training together. Even though I was an intern, I felt like I fit in with all of the younger associates and consultants on my project. Capco really stresses being yourself at work and creating an enjoyable work environment, and my team was great about getting to know everyone on a more personal level.

What big project did you work on?

My team’s client was a global bank, and the team functioned as the bank’s data management office. We were hired by the bank to perform data lineage and create a group data dictionary. Ultimately the bank will submit these as deliverables for its annual CCAR and BCBS stress testing--the stress tests that the Federal Reserve and the Basel Committee conduct to make sure the world’s top banks are strong enough to survive another financial crisis similar to the crisis of 2007.

What advice do you have for other students seeking a similar internship?

Start making connections with people in the consulting industry early. It can be hard to make yourself stand out from other applicants at times, so having people within a company to vouch for you during recruitment or give you advice on how to impress recruiters is crucial.

Top image of New York City courtesy Pixabay.