MIS Assistant Professor Wins Adobe Digital Experience Research Award

April 2, 2018

Faculty Research
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Junming Yin, assistant professor of management information systems at the Eller College of Management, has developed a marketing research proposal, Efficient Marketing Campaign Across Millions of Users and Products, that has earned him the Adobe Digital Experience Research Award.


Junming Yin
Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems Junming Yin

University faculty research programs have the opportunity to put their name in the running for the grant of up to $50,000 to fund a project related to data science in marketing. Common topics of research proposals include Adobe’s analytics cloud, marketing cloud and advertising cloud. Winners are selected twice per year. The most recent list of award winners features 15 researchers and research teams from universities across the U.S.

Yin’s research on statistical learning and data science made him an ideal candidate for the award. The proposed research is centered around the concept of targeted online content based on the consumer’s behavior, lifestyle and personality characteristics. The proposal outlines a strategy to develop statistical machine learning methods to quickly match the right content to the right consumers.

“I am very excited about this collaborative opportunity with Adobe,” says Yin. “With our proposed statistical learning approaches, we expect to see significantly improved performance for both consumer experience and revenue management.”

The award comes with collaborative support from Adobe via research progress meetings and opportunities for student researchers to intern at Adobe.

Header image courtesy of Pexels.