INSITE Team’s Latest Research on Healthcare Analytics Using Wearables

Aug. 29, 2018

INSITE team’s latest research on health care analytics using wearables

INSITE team members published an article titled, “Effects of office workstation type on physical activity and stress” in Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine recently. The article describes results of a wearable, sensor-based, observational study of 231 workers in four office buildings. The purpose of this study, part of the US General Services Administration’s Wellbuilt for Wellbeing research project, was to explore the relationship between workplace design, health and well-being across four federal office buildings. The analysis revealed a significant relationship between participants’ office workstation type and their physical activity while at the office controlling for factors including type of work, demographics, and perceived and physiological stress levels.

This research highlights how office design, driven by office workstation type, could be a health-promoting factor. It has received attention from mainstream media including, BBCThe GuardianThe TelegraphABC NewsFortuneNewsweek and other news agencies.

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