Tech.Global becomes Tech Core and Gets New Home at Eller to Harness Fourth Industrial Revolution

July 15, 2019

Tech Core

In 2016 the University of Arizona launched Tech.Global, a unique professional development experience that prepares students for successful careers in the tech industry by providing robust on-the-job training, while simultaneously advancing the University of Arizona’s positions in emerging technologies such as VR, AR and 360 media.

Now, Tech.Global has moved under the Eller College of Management umbrella and changed its name to Tech Core. This move aligns with Eller’s dominance at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and helps the College more fully deliver technology skills and knowledge as supplement to traditional business education.

“As the world heads into an era of rapid and disruptive change,” says Dean Paulo Goes, “our number one priority must be informing and inspiring tomorrow’s business leaders, who understand the 21st century economy and the forces that shape it, and who possess the knowledge to impact it.”

Tech Core works with organizations across the University of Arizona campus to develop unique technological innovations. For example, a project called Dance Inspector, created in partnership with the Arizona College of Humanities, allows viewers to watch a 3D model perform traditional African dances recorded using motion-capture technology. The team is also responsible for Campus 360°, an online immersive tour of the University of Arizona campus.

Ash Black, director of Tech Core, has a vision for what the team can achieve here at Eller. “Emerging tech is a strategic priority for our group and fundamental to the digital and cultural transformation," he says. "The University really has a shot at taking a leadership position in this nationally, and Eller students are totally motivated to do it.”

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