Eller MIS Professor’s Startup Uses Neuroscience to Detect Fraud

Sept. 4, 2019

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Joe Valacich

Neuro-ID, a technology startup created in 2014 by Eller Professor of Management Information Systems Joseph Valacich, was featured in a recent PaymentsSource story [subscription required] on fraud detection by banks.

The startup works on the premise that “the best way to thwart the growing number of fakers applying for payment cards, loans or merchant accounts online is to fully understand their bad behavior,” according to the article. Neuro-ID has developed a tool that is deployed within the bank’s fraud detection system, providing a real-time score of the authenticity of an applicant. “Any type of hesitancy, frustration, answer switching or other actions not common in a good applicant gives the banks reason to pause before approving an application,” the article states.

Valacich is a fellow of the Association for Information Systems and co-founder, chairman and chief science officer of Neuro-ID. A prolific scholar in the areas of deception and fraud detection, human-computer interaction, cybersecurity and technology-mediated group decision making, he joined the MIS department at the University of Arizona in 2011. He received his PhD in MIS from the University of Arizona in 1989.