CNBC Covers Research by Eller Assistant Professor of Marketing

Feb. 17, 2020


Eller College of Management Assistant Professor of Marketing Jennifer Savary was quoted in a February 14 CNBC article on the psychological reasons of why it can be difficult to cancel a subscription.

The article discusses the rationale of those who hold onto subscriptions they don’t need, referencing Savary’s 2019 study published in The Journal of Consumer Psychology, “The Uncertain Self: How Self-Concept Structure Affects Subscription Choice,” co-authored by Ravi Dhar of the Yale School of Management.

“You see yourself as someone who would drive a Lexus or wear a Gucci bag. Sometimes that’s aspirational, but a lot of brands are really effective at creating meaningful associations that aren’t just about money,” says Savary in the column. “But, you shouldn’t let your worries about how you’re going to see yourself get in the way [of healthy financial decisions].”

Savary’s research was also covered by the NPR affiliate in San Francisco (KGO) and by

Jennifer Savary joined the Eller College of Management in 2015 after earning her PhD in Marketing from Yale University. Her areas of expertise include judgment and decision making, consumer psychology, motivation and goals and self-signaling. She is affiliated with the Association for Consumer Research, the American Marketing Association, the Society for Consumer Psychology and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making.