Arizona Media Outlets Quote Hammond in COVID-19 Articles

George Hammond discusses the most recent economic forecast for Arizona and Tucson in this video

George Hammond, director of the Economic and Business Research Center and research professor at the Eller College of Management, was recently cited in a March 23 Arizona Daily Star article (also posted on on the economic implications of the coronavirus outbreak.

The article analyzes the damaging effects that COVID-19 will have on the Tucson economy as well as the length of time Tucson could be affected, looking at the current finances of small businesses. Citing Hammond, the column reads, “The situation is evolving every day, so there’s a lot of uncertainty about how the outbreak is going to progress and therefore how the economic impacts are going to play out.”

On April 1, Hammond was also mentioned in an AZ Central article. He gave insight on how the hotel, travel and tourism sectors in Arizona are being affected the most during this outbreak. 

Hammond was also recently interviewed by Arizona 360, discussing whether a recession from the COVID-19 outbreak is possible.

On April 18, Hammond was quoted in an Arizona Daily Star article, saying that Arizona could lose nearly half a million jobs by this fall, though a recovery seems promising if the virus is under control by the end of the year. “Once we get past the shock this year, the recovery should be solid,” he says. “Arizona was in very good shape before the outbreak and once the outbreak is under control, growth will accelerate significantly.”

Hammond directs the Economic and Business Research Center in the Eller College of Management. Hammond has designed, built and used economic models to produce forecasts for state and local economies and completed regional economic studies on topics including economic and workforce development and the impact of higher education on human capital accumulation. His academic research focuses on the determinants of local economic growth in the U.S. and the impact of state and local policies on economic growth.