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Economic and Business Research Center

The Economic and Business Research Center (EBRC) focuses on applied economic research and community education for Arizona.

Through the Forecasting Project, events such as the Economic Outlook Luncheon, funded research projects and online resources Arizona’s Economy, Arizona-Mexico Economic Indicators and the MAP Dashboard, EBRC makes the latest data and analysis available to Arizona's citizens and decision makers.


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The Forecasting Project

EBRC’s Forecasting Project team produces the most in-depth economic analyses and forecasts available for Arizona and its communities. These quarterly forecasts aid our community sponsors around the state in their pursuit of the next level of business success. - George Hammond, Forecasting Project director

"Maricopa Association of Governments uses the data, analysis and forecasts from EBRC’s Forecasting Project to add to our understanding of emerging trends in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It gives us another valuable way to view the future of the region."
  - Anubhav Bagley, Regional Analytics Director, Maricopa Association of Governments

"EBRC’s Forecasting Project provides the RTA with high-quality data, analysis, and forecasts for the Tucson region that add significantly to our understanding of local economic trends and implications for the future.  The economic data we receive is critical to our organization."
  - Robert Samuelsen, Chief Financial Officer, Regional Transportation Authority

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EBRC’s work on the MAP Dashboard website has helped to move the needle in several key areas. It has become the trusted source of information that Southern Arizona uses to benchmark progress and inspire action.

- Ron Shoopman, Chair, Arizona Board of Regents


Arizona Payroll Job Growth in 2018
vs. 1.7% for the US


Arizona Average Hourly Earnings 2018
Up 1.5% in 2018 vs. $27.53 for the US, up 3.3%


Arizona's Population as of July 1, 2019
1.7% annual growth vs. 0.6% for the US

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