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The Economic and Business Research Center carries out applied research on a wide variety of topics pertaining to economic conditions and trends in Arizona, the Western states, and in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Research Studies

Impacts of Automation on Pima County Employment
Hammond, George  W. and Valorie Rice (pp20). Prepared for Pima County Workforce Investment Board. December 14, 2018.

Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona, Annual Report 2018
Economic and Business Research Center, Eller College of Management, The University of Arizona (pp20). May, 2018.

Arizona's Trade and Competitiveness in the U.S.-Mexico Region, Annual Report 2018
Pavlakovich-Kochi, Vera K. and Maile L. Nadelhoffer (pp43). May 21, 2018.

Arizona's Trade and Competitiveness in the U.S.-Mexico Region, Annual Report 2017 
Pavlakovich-Kochi, Vera K., Alan Hoogasian, Maile L. Nadelhoffer and Laurie Sheldon (pp47). May 25, 2017.

Arizona & Mexico, 108th Arizona Townhall Report   
Gupta, Sapna editor. Omar Ahumada, Michelle Chalmers, Alberta H. Charney, Jennifer Columbus, Rosalicia Cordova, Justin Dutram, George Hammond, Alan Hoogasian, Francisco Lara-Valencia, Arnold Maltz, Rakesh Pangasa, Vera Pavlakovich-Kochi, Tom Rex, Jeremy Spencer, Alex Steenstra, J. Rene Villalobos (90pp). April 2016.

Extending the Border Zone to the Entire State of Arizona: Estimated Expenditures and Economic Impact Simulations, 2013-2016   
Charney, Alberta H. and Alan Hoogasian  (pp22). Submitted to Maricopa Association of Governments, March 12, 2015.

Fresh Produce and Production Sharing: Foundations and Opportunities for Nogales and Santa Cruz County   
Pavlakovich-Kochi, Vera K. and Gary D. Thompson (pp55). September 25, 2013.

Troubling Trends in Arizona College Attainment  
Hammond, George W. (pp22). September, 2013.

Locally-Based Entrepreneurs in Sahuarita: Building an Entrepreneurial Culture
Nadelhoffer, Maile L., Alberta H. Charney, Valorie Hanni Rice, Kathy Ward, Christine Hamilton-Pennell, Don Macke (pp137). June, 2012.

SunZia Transmission Line Economic Impact Assessment Supplement: Impacts of Potential Renewable Generation Facilities
Charney, Alberta H., Valorie Rice, Anthony V. Popp, James Peach, Leo Delgado. Prepared for SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, 2011.

Building Arizona’s Future: Jobs, Innovation & Competitiveness. 96th Arizona Town Hall, April 25-28, 2010, Tucson, Arizona.
Pavlakovich-Kochi, Vera K. and Jen E. McCormack, Editors. Alberta H. Charney, Thomas Combrink, Stephen Cornell, Erik Glenn, Ronald J. Gunderson, Jim Holway, Jen E. McCormack, Lora Mwaniki‐Lyman, Ben Lyon, William P. Patton, Vera Pavlakovich‐Kochi, Jeffrey Peterson, Tom R. Rex, Jim Rounds, James Tamerius, Marshall J. Vest, Andrea Whitsett (190pp). April, 2010.

Arizona-Sonora Region: Economic Indicators and Regional Initiatives 
Pavlakovich-Kochi, Vera K. and Jaewon Lim, 2009.

Economic and Revenue Impact of $1 Million in Sustained Cancer Research Funds
Charney, Alberta H. (82pp). December, 2008.

Town of Sahuarita Workforce Assessment Survey 2008
Nadelhoffer, Maile L. and Kathy Ward (29pp). August, 2008.

Arizona's Energy Sector: An Overview of Sources, Consumption Patterns, and Policy
Jensen, Daniel and Maile L. Nadelhoffer (30pp). August, 2008. 

Mexican Visitors to Arizona: Visitor Characteristics and Economic Impacts, 2007-08    
Pavlakovich-Kochi, Vera K. and Alberta H. Charney (9pp). February, 2008.

Astronomy, Planetary and Space Sciences Research in Arizona: An Economic and Tax Revenue Impact Study
Pavlakovich-Kochi, Vera K., Alberta H. Charney, and Lora Mwaniki-Lyman (29pp). October, 2007.

Town of Sahuarita Workforce Assessment Survey 2007
Nadelhoffer, Maile L. and Kathy Ward (27pp). May, 2007. 

A Strategic Assessment of the Economic Benefits of Investments in Research in Arizona
Charney, Alberta H., Kent Hill, Dennis Hoffman,  Jose Lobo, and Maile L. Nadelhoffer (117pp). April, 2007.

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