Corporate Sociopolitical Research by Assistant Professor of Marketing Cited by Forbes


Eller College of Management Assistant Professor of Marketing Nooshin Warren’s study on the consequences of corporate sociopolitical activism was referenced in a September 23 Forbes article.

The Forbes article explains the pros and cons of a company taking a political stand, using a research study co-authored by Warren, “Corporate Sociopolitical Activism and Firm Value” as support. Her study advises business leaders what they should take into account before taking a stance and how to go about the situation.

“When a business announces a stand or opinion on political issues and customers threaten to pull their support and patronage, it shows a misalignment between the brand and its customers,” the article states in reference to Warren’s study. “If a company’s activism aligns with the values of its customers, employees, and state regulators, the impact will be positive.”

Nooshin Warren joined the Eller College of Management in 2016 after earning her PhD in Marketing from Texas A&M University. Before academia, Warren was a marketing manager at Khosro Medisa Teb in Tehran, Iran. Her areas of expertise include new product development and innovation, firm/stock market communication strategies, the impact of top management on the effectiveness of marketing actions and measuring the financial value of marketing actions and assets. Warren is also a member of the Eller College Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.