Eller Accounting Professor Interviewed in The Voice of Corporate Government Podcast

Nov. 13, 2020

Faculty Research

Preeti Choudhary, associate professor of accounting at the Eller College of Management, was interviewed by the Council of Institutional Investors’ General Counsel Jeff Mahoney in The Voice of Corporate Government’s November 5 podcast.

The podcast series, put on by the Council of Institutional Investors, provides different perspectives and is geared towards increasing public attention to critical issues and developments in corporate governance and capital markets. In Choudhary’s interview, she addresses the question of why corporate management waivers of financial statement errors identified by their external auditors are a cost to investors.

“An auditor has an incentive to keep the client reasonably happy, but at the same time does not want to hurt their reputation by allowing the client to waive their adjustments,” explains Choudhary in the podcast. “Prior research has shown that restatements affect auditor’s reputations negatively and they can even affect client retention, creating a delicate balancing act the auditors have to play.”

Preeti Choudhary joined the Eller College of Management as associate professor in 2017. Previously, she was assistant professor at Georgetown University. She earned her PhD in Accounting from Duke University in 2008. Prior to academia, she worked as an internal auditor for The Washington Post and in enterprise risk services with Deloitte. Her research focuses on capital markets financial accounting, financial reporting for taxes, recognition versus disclosure and financial reporting reliability.