Financial Modeling Competition: Brandon Jung ’23 BSBA (MIS/Finance)

March 22, 2022



The Financial Modeling University Championship (FMUC) is the perfect place to learn about financial modeling, enhance your finance skills and even have the possibility to win a $10,000 prize.

Brandon Jung ’23 BSBA (MIS and Finance) is one Eller student who has participated in similar competitions in the past and is looking forward to taking another stab at the competition on April 9.

Jung first competed in the Financial Modeling World Cup in November 2021, with no experience in financial modeling. “I mainly saw the competition as a method to learn practical Excel skills while working in a bit of a time crunch,” he says. “Some of the models are very complex and overwhelming and can create the thought of ‘Where do I even start?’”

With the help of David Brown, associate professor of finance in the Eller College of Management, Jung was able to better understand models from the competition piece by piece. “To have someone as skilled and passionate as David Brown mentor the club is amazing,” says Jung “Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is also very approachable with any questions we have for him.”

Although Jung didn’t win last year’s competition, he is very excited to take what he learned then and has been learning ever since, into this year’s competition.

“I had the opportunity to work with and learn very complex models that I had never seen,” he says. “Including mapping out cities in Excel, GP/LP structures and multi cashflow real estate projections.”

The 2022 Financial Modeling University Championship will be taking place April 9 through May 7. To learn more about the competition and how you can join click here.