Why Data Literacy is Important for Future Business Leaders | Matt Hashim and Gray Hunter


Businesses are embracing data and technology now more than ever. It is no longer a bonus to be “tech savvy”, but rather it is essential for anyone trying to lead an organization into the fourth industrial revolution.

Matt Hashim, associate professor of MIS and Gray Hunter, lecturer in economics in the Eller College of Management will detail the importance of data and how it is being used to make better decisions by leveraging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented/virtual reality.

Participants will leave this webinar recognizing: 

  • importance of data and how top performing firms are leveraging it both successfully and unsuccessfully
  • technologies that firms are using to manage and work with data as well as how students are learning those technologies
  • emerging and disruptive technologies and how they are currently being embraced and utilized within leading businesses